Culinary Art

Coffee is an art. For it to be fully expressed each element used in its composition must be chosen wisely and our selection will help you.

Our collection of cups will appeal to lovers of design as well as lovers looking for special and unique pieces to offer you a wide choice of single and double-walled glasses, which keep the liquid hot or cold, while insulating your hands from the heat. .
In addition to being beautiful and functional, these espresso glasses are easy to use and maintain.

These atypical coffee glasses will seduce lovers of design for a quality coffee break and a real enhancement of their drink!


Which coffee cup and accessory to choose?

Far from the classic flowered porcelain cup or in white, why not choose a beautiful original handcrafted transparent glass mug to enjoy your espresso coffee? or the unique creation of Green Coffee Monaco double-wall mugs.

Glassware for espresso

Superb creations coming from the workshops of French craftsmen. Our preference fell on a local glassblower; Specializing in bubbled glass, he created a collection of cups of different sizes in transparent glass and in black oscillating on purple. This variation in colors and the irregularity of the bubbles associated with the artisanal production make each espresso cup and tea and coffee cup unique. The thick glass of this Collection will allow a natural retention of heat in order to preserve the flavors of your coffee. The shape has been ideally designed to homogenize the oils in the coffee and for an ideal grip. A sleek ert chic style for a unique tasting moment!