Green Coffee Monaco is a company with headquarters in the Principality of Monaco, engaged in the organic specialty coffee and coffee machine businesses. The company roasts organic Grand Crus bean coffees, including single-origin, Fair Trade Certified, certified organic, and blends offered in grain, grounded and in capsule-portion packs fully biodegradable (capsules made of vegetable base material). The company also produces specialty teas, herbal teas and cold herbal drinks made from green coffee beans.

The Green Coffee Monaco story began five years ago when Gregory, our Master Roaster, set out to explore South America's coffee crops. He discovered with fascination, the production of coffee, from the cultivation fields to the traditional roasting methods of coffee. This adventure led to beautiful encounters and powerful bonds with local producers eager to pass on their knowledge and savoir-faire to ensure the farms' sustainability and encourage responsible, ethical, and fair trade cultivation: Values ​​that are today the foundation of Green Coffee MonacoUpon returning to Europe, Gregory started to create recipes from classified Grands Crus coffees: Unique blends developing deep aroma and flavors that are the basis for our on-going product development program.

Today, the company is a young, dynamic and creative enterprise, focused on innovation.  The company is fully committed to making exclusively environmental-friendly products and works hand-in-hand with the local farmers and suppliers to ensure the company’s policies are respected in the complete chain of production.

Our goal is to bring the best tasting, environmentally friendly coffee-based products to our consumers.

We hope you enjoy your Green Coffee Monaco experience…

The Green Coffee Monaco Team