Thé Vert Sencha BIO
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Région de Chine

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Regular Green Tea*
Origin: China

*From Organic Farming, Premium quality tea.

Our Organic Sencha Green Tea from China has beautiful flat leaves and a beautiful clear color. The quality of this harvest gives it a delicate, light, subtle taste. It is fresh and has a slightly fruity scent.
It is therefore delightful to drink iced in summer. Very low in theine and tannin, it is a drink for all occasions!

Did you know?
Thanks to its beneficial effect, Sencha is considered to be the King of green teas.
Sencha green tea is reputed to be one of the richest teas in antioxidants. Indeed, green tea is one of the least oxidized tea varieties, after white tea. This characteristic makes it a beverage with many properties. Green tea is considered by traditional Chinese medicine as a healthy drink. It is traditionally used for its invigorating properties and in the treatment of minor diarrhea. It is also recommended to improve renal elimination. Tea has many polyphenols, known for their antioxidant action. The theanine, behind "Unami"(delicious) taste of green tea, has a relaxing effect by reducing mental and physical stress. It is perfect for promoting meditation.

-Weight: 100g
-Nature: Green tea
-Ideal for day and evening
-Brewing time: 2 to 4 min.
-Temperature: between 80°C and 100°C
-After boiling, brew 6g of tea (1 teaspoon) in 20cl water (1 cup).

Our Suggestion:
Enjoy iced with crushed ice, a mint leaf, or a drop of apple juice.

Our Master Roaster's opinion :

"Excellente boisson, le Sencha possède de nombreux bienfaits pour la santé et tous les spécialistes recommandent d'en consommer !

Nous vous recommendons d'ajouter un peu de Panela pour apporter de douces saveurs caramélisées à votre boisson Santé".