Thé Noir English Breakfast Bio

Mélange de différents thé biologique Assam et Ceylon .
saveur trés aromatique.

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Origins: India and Sri Lanka
Assam and Ceylon Regions

*From Organic Farming, premium quality tea.

A delicious blend of two organic black teas: Assam and Ceylon.
Golden liquor characterized by a very aromatic flavor.
A deep blend characterized by the rich and powerful Ceylon tea's aroma and the round body of Assam tea.

Did you know?
Our English Breakfast Blend has many benefits:
- Reduces cholesterol.
- Prevents cardiovascular diseases.
- Rich in antioxidants.
- Invigorating for a morning full of energy.
-Weight: 100g
-Nature: Black tea blend
-Ideal during the day
-Brewing time: 3 to 5 min.
-Temperature: 100°c
-After boiling, brew 6g of tea (1 teaspoon) in 20cl water (1 cup).

Add a drop of milk and discover the English tradition in your cup.