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  •  Decafeine Bio

    Decafeine Bio

    Balanced and smooth
    Intensity 7/10

    Decafeine Bio

    Balanced and smooth
    Intensity 7/10

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Our organic, ethical and eco-friendly coffee

A sublime blend of the greatest Arabica and Robustas, unique recipes carefully crafted by our Master Roaster. All of our coffees are roasted artisanally: Slow and progressive cooking to release the most subtle aroma.
Obtain an espresso with a velvety texture, enhanced by a beautiful and natural creamy foam, thanks to our beans' quality and our slow roasting.

All of our capsules are Nespresso® compatible and 100% biodegradable and compostable. They are certified by European standard 13432 on compostability, guaranteeing complete degradation between six and nine weeks in a compost. They are perfectly airtight to ensure the freshness of the coffee in each of our capsules. The Green Coffee Capsules are obtained by processing cereals, unlike traditional petroleum-based polluting plastic. Made from wheat and corn starch, their  production does not generate waste. 

Each cup is an invitation to travel. Savor the truly exquisite coffee flavors, delicately enveloped by its creamy foam for a unique moment of pleasure.  

(*) List of compatible machines

Inissia®, Citiz®, Essenza®, Pixie®, U®, Maetria®, Latissima®, Kitchenaid®, Artisan®, Prodigio®, Expert®, Krups®. This list is not exhaustive, if your machine is not on the list, do not hesitate to send us a message at



Without additives or artificial flavors, our coffee capsules are compatible with Espresso machines for an authentic coffee cup. Coffee is one of the most consumed hot drinks globally, so mindful of our environmental impact at Green Coffee Monaco, we use biodegradable coffee capsules. We want our products to be eco-responsible, which is why all used capsules are recyclable and are also 100% compostable. The use of materials that can be recycled allows us to preserve the planet while offering you the best organic coffee.

Gourmet coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso®

Green Coffee Monaco has selected coffee varieties with different intensities and surprising flavors to obtain a gourmet coffee for every moment of the day. Designed for an espresso machine, our range of Nespresso® compatible capsules guarantees quality coffee with a powerful and harmonious taste. An organic coffee whose traditional and mastered roasting respects the flavors of each bean. Fruity, floral, tangy, full-bodied, or bitter, let yourself be carried away by each note, from the rawest to the most delicate. Prepared to guarantee the best extraction, the Green Coffee capsules will deliver delicious, gourmet, and pleasant coffee that will offer surprising sensations. Prepare delicious hot drinks with our capsules, compatible with extraction coffee machines such as Nespresso® , and choose from our different coffee varieties. Our Cremoso, soft and refined with cereal notes and a creamy foam. Or our Espresso Ristretto for an intense coffee break. The 100% Colombian Arabica coffee capsule, straight from the Quindío region and handpicked, will reveal its aromatic richness and velvety texture. Surprise yourself with our voluptuous Mocha and its delicate floral and fruity fragrance. And for long coffee lovers, discover our soft and generous Lungo. Enjoy your delicious pure or nutty Espresso coffee with a dash of milk.

Green Coffee Monaco: an eco-responsible and ethical coffee

Designed for individuals and professionals, our coffee comes in a recyclable packaging, including 10 or 50 coffee capsules. 100% biodegradable and compostable, aluminum-free capsules. Therefore, you can throw them directly into your plant pots, planters, or compost bins. Our Nespresso® compatible capsules can be recycled and have a low environmental impact, which is in line with our desire to produce environmentally friendly coffee products. Green Coffee capsules allow you to enjoy quality coffee while taking action to protect the planet. We are committed toworking with top producers, and we encourage them to develop responsible coffee growing. In this
way, we promote ethical trade and respect for people in our production of coffee capsules. Finally, to preserve all the flavors, each bean is carefully selected, and our Master Roaster ensures to keep each note of our Arabicas and Robusta intact. We can thus guarantee you a great coffee from organic farming. So indulge yourself with the exceptional taste of our organic Green Coffee Monaco!