Pure Origin

100% Arabica
150 capsules
2 tasses Offertes

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100% Arabica lot from our 3 Pure Origins ranges

Grand Cru Organic Collection

Box 50 capsules - BRESIL Intensity 5/10
"Yellow Bourbon"

Pure Origin
100% Arabica
Yellow Bourbon.
Origin: Brazil Fazenda Noissa Senhora de Fatima

We have selected our coffee from the BRAZIL range in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, on plantations at 950m above sea level.
The plantations on the volcanic valleys with fertile and mineral-rich soils guarantee a quality coffee, soft, balanced, and without sourness.
The coffee cherries are harvested by hand when ripe and then sun-dried before removing the pulp. One of the particularities of "Yellow Bourbon"is that when ripe, the cherries containing the coffee beans take on a yellow color.
It is used as a single-origin coffee because of its fruity flavors, honey notes, and fine acidity.
Our slow-roasting process gives our BRAZIL range sumptuous caramelized notes enlivened by a delicate lemony note.
Roasting: Handcrafted, slow, Light French ("Robe de Moine")
Technique: Washed coffee
Altitude: 950m
Harvest: Manual and Selective

Box 50 capsules - GUATEMALA Intensity 6/10

Pure Origin
100% Arabica
Origin: Guatemala SHB EP Finca Ceylon, Atitlan region
Our coffee GUATEMALA will take you to Guatemala's high volcanic plains, in the heart of the Atitlan region.
It reveals itself by its full body and powerful character. It is wrapped by the balanced sweetness of its greedy notes of roasted almonds and its elegant sourness.
An exceptional coffee, balanced and gourmet, offering a beautiful freshness and length in the mouth.
Roasting: Handcrafted, Light French ("Robe de Moine")
Technique: Washed coffee
Harvest: Manual and Selective
Altitude: 1600-1800m (Stricly High Bean)

Did you know?

The higher the altitude, the better the quality of the coffee. Indeed, the height gives the coffee all its liveliness and persistence. SHB is considered to be the best quality of grain.

Box 50 capsules - COLOMBIE Intensity 6/10

Pure Origin
100% Arabica
Origin: Colombia Excelso Kachalu Santander
Our COLOMBIE range is a 100% Arabica coffee, sweet and fruity.
We have selected our coffee in the Region of Santander, located in the center of Colombia. This region is renowned for producing the best coffee in Colombia. The coffee grows in a mountainous area with a tropical climate. This cru is grown under shade. The growers we work with use the "Hand Picking" method to select only mature cherries. This selective picking and our traditional roasting methods give our coffee a subtle fruity and delicate
sour taste. Indulge yourself with its aromatic richness and its delicate velvety texture.
Roasting: Handcrafted, Light French ("Robe de Moine")
Technique: Washed coffee
Altitude: 1300-1800m
Harvest: Manual and Selective

Our Capsules Zero Waste

100% Biodegradable, 100% compostable Capsules
Better than petroleum plastic, better than aluminum, our Green Coffee Capsule offers real Italian
espresso's gustatory qualities. A moment of pleasure, a coffee with an intense taste topped with a subtle layer of creamy foam.
Net weight (for 10 capsules) : 57g- 2.01oz e

All our Coffee range is certified 100% organic farming. Manufacture and distribution are controlled by BUREAUVERITAS (FR-BIO-10).


Our Master Roaster's opinion :

"Excellence for Lovers of high standards
Sweet, balanced, fruity and floral ranges "

100 % Arabica
Ideal tasting time
All Day
Handcrafted roasting
South America
Ideal format for tasting
25ml, 40ml
Intensité moyenne
Organic coffee

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