Stop consuming your coffee in aluminum and plastic pods
Aluminum and plastic coffee capsules have harmful effects on your health and our environment

Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks all over the world. One of the first things we do in the morning is to put a coffee pod in our favorite machine to enjoy this magnificent beverage.

Large quantity of capsules thrown in landfills

However, coffee pods have many negative impacts on our planet. Nearly a billion capsules are consumed by the French, but this represents 40,000 tonnes of waste produced per year worldwide. In 2020, more than 56 billion aluminum coffee capsules were thrown into landfills. These numbers are alarming and terrifying when you consider the damage aluminum and plastic do to the planet. Opt for our biodegradable nespresso compatible coffee capsules.

There are still too many aluminum and plastic capsules

Although some coffee makers make an effort not to produce aluminum and plastic pods, there are still too many developed from these harmful materials. More than 95% are still plastic and aluminum.

They affect our environnement

This kind of capsules take too long to degrade. The aluminum and plastic capsules thrown in landfill take almost 500 years to disintegrate, while the biodegradable capsules from Green Coffee Monaco take only 5 weeks in the ground to disappear. Current recycling methods cannot sustainably dispose of plastic and aluminum.

Recycling aluminum pods requires a lot of energy

In addition, recycling aluminum pods requires a long process and consumes a large amount of energy. The recycling of these materials consisting in burying them pollutes the soils and makes them less fertile. Aluminum also produces carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases when it is burned.
The production of aluminum gives rise to significant pollution. Each tonne of aluminum results in the release of 4 tonnes of red sludge, which is harmful both in terms of its quantity and its basic pH. It also produces fluorine emissions into the air and water. The highly oxidizing fluorine vapors attack the vegetation; the waters become loaded with fluorine and toxic aluminum salts. This negative ecological balance should lead to reserving aluminum for permanent uses (airplane parts, bicycle parts, etc.) and avoiding ephemeral uses.
It remains to be seen how to apply this principle in our everyday life.

A new eco-friendly alternative: biodegradable and compostable capsules!

If you drink one coffee a day, simply switching from conventional to biodegradable capsules will save the planet 365 nasty capsules per year. If we consider that we drink, on average, one cup of coffee per day, we will protect the Earth from nearly 15kg of greenhouse gases. Don't hesitate, choose simple, practical, easily transportable and eco-responsible pods!

A tasty and eco-friendly coffee :

Forget the cliché: coffee doesn't taste the same without aluminum. The new generation capsules are airtight and allow you to retain the unique aroma of coffee. The biodegradable capsules offer the same taste and quality experience while reducing your carbon footprint. Thanks to the sealing of the cap, plastic packaging is eliminated and the biodegradable capsules are self-sufficient.

Choose biodegradable capsules, bio-waste and ban toxic waste.

Opt for 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and aluminum and plastic free capsules for a planet without toxic waste! Zero waste capsules free you from single-use plastic and aluminum. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable and guaranteed to be aluminum and plastic free.

100% plant-based capsules :

You can recycle your compostable capsules by throwing them in the recycling bin or in the compost in your garden. They will be used as fertilizer in the compost of your garden and will reduce the volume of household waste contained in the collection bin. They enrich the soil and promote the growth of your plantations. Choose biodegradable and zero waste capsules!

Act to make the difference!

Do not wait any longer, choose the organic and environmentally friendly capsules of Green Coffee Monaco. Every gesture counts to preserve our planet and it starts as soon as you wake up! Drink your coffee while reducing the environmental impact. Support this initiative and adopt a Zero Waste lifestyle!