Flavor Pack

Organic Grands Crus
8 bags 250g

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Complete Flavor Pack to help you discover the 8 rich and varied flavors of our Collection of Organic Grand Crus coffees.
Each Grand Cru will unveil aromatic notes specific to its origins and its roasting: varied, flowery, gourmet, intense flavors to satisfy the whole family, to taste as you wish.
Sublime blends rich in flavor thanks to our slow and progressive artisanal roasting.

Discover the aromas of each Grand Cru Green Coffee Monaco, thanks to our selection of 8 sachets of 250g, composed of:

1 bag MOKA Intensity 4/10
bag CREMOSO Intensity 5/10
bag BRESIL Intensity 5/10
bag GUATEMALA Intensity 6/10
bag COLOMBIE Intensity 6/10
bag LUNGO Intensity 6/10
bag DECAFEINE Intensity 7/10
1 bag RISTRETTO Intensity 10/10

The freshness of our products is preserved: All our coffee beans are freshly roasted, we then let them cool slowly to allow the degassing of the
beans are then packaged in Biodegradable Freshness bags

All our coffees are certified 100% from organic farming, the production and distribution of which are controlled by BUREAUVERITAS (FR-BIO-10).


Our Master Roaster's opinion :

"Do not miss it! Discover all the aromas of our Grand Cru Green Coffee Monaco Collection: A palette of different flavors and intensity"

Ideal tasting time
Day, Evening
Artisanal roasting
Africa and South America
Organic coffee

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