Our herbal & Green coffee infusions
New well-being ally

The best way to take care of yourself? Vary the pleasures of course!

Our daily coffee ... YES and there is no question of removing it, but why not vary it with green coffee?

We can never say it enough but at Green Coffee Monaco, we work with coffee in all its forms: at its origin, the green bean until its roasting to obtain the dark bean that we know so much.

Discover coffee differently ... let's go green!

Green coffee is not part of our daily habits ... and yet! It benefits from so many qualities on our body! No taste similarity with black coffee, it has a neutral taste, close to that of green tea.

Green coffee is the seed of unroasted coffee. While the roasting stage allows all of its flavors to be released, keeping the seed as it is allows all of its virtues to be retained. Its natural fat burner properties make it a perfect ally for slimming diets.

The benefits are numerous, in addition to being a natural detoxifier, it will help your fats convert into energy, reduce cellulite and regulate your sugar levels. More than a diet aid, green coffee retains all of its invigorating benefits.
To taste as an infusion or decoction, find our organic green coffee beans from South America: Honduras, Peru and Colombia.

Infusions that have PEP'S!
And why not combine pleasure and well-being? Organic infusions with unique recipes, as fruity as they are gourmet, based on green coffee and real pieces of plants and fruits. Enough to prepare delicious hot or cold infusions to enjoy throughout the day.