Mango-Passion Fruit Flavor
Loose-leaf 150g

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Produit épuisé


A successful fruity association with an invigorating taste.
The perfect combination of coffee, mango, and passion fruit to brighten up your days.
Stimulating, thanks to its Vitamin C, this fantastic exotic cocktail will bring you energy, strengtht and vitality.

Our range of ORGANIC fruit infusions offers you an unrivaled aromatic variety and the opportunity to enjoy a multi-benefit drink with real pieces of fruit, and practically no calories. Experienced as an ice-cold refreshment on a hot summer afternoon or as a hot beverage in front of a fireplace in the winter: fruity infusions are always a pleasure.


Hot brewed: 

Take 5g (1 slightly heaped teaspoon) of the fruit mixture YOUNG for 20cl (1 large cup)of filtered water and heat to 100°. Infuse for 5 to 8 minutes.


Take 15g (3 slightly heaped teaspoons) of the fruit mixture YOUNG for 50cl of water. Infuse at room temperature for 1 hour. Once the infusion is ready, let it rest in a cool place.

Iced express:

Take 5g (1 slightly heaped teaspoon) of the fruity mixture YOUNG for 20cl (1 large cup) of filtered water and heat at 100°. Infuse for 5 to 8 minutes. Pour over ice cubes (4 or 5).

Our Green Coffee Tip: Don't hesitate to over-dose and over-infuse your brew to prevent the ice cubes from masking the flavors.


Green coffee*, Apple*, grape (grape, vegetable oil)*, beetroot*, carrot*, quince*, natural flavoring, passionflower*, marigold flowers*, apple pieces*, mango*, apricot*. *From organic farming.

Our Master Roaster's opinion :

"An exotic and tropical journey! Ideal as an iced infusion, prepare it in a thermos to accompany you throughout the day, for refreshing and exotic wellness breaks"

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