Preserve your coffee machine
A few simple steps to maintain the quality of your coffee

To have good coffee, it is essential to clean your machine correctly. While many sites offer ready-to-use solutions, a few daily actions can also make work easier. The maintenance of your machine depends on its type, it is indeed different for a filter coffee machine, a capsule machine or a grinder.

Most of these machines offer an indicator light system when descaling is required. And before it crosses your mind, forget about white vinegar, which is too corrosive for all machines. It can eventually damage certain parts of your machine and impair its sealing. Specialized pellets are generally composed of a corrosion inhibitor and are therefore much more suitable for regular and long-lasting maintenance.

For crusher machines, strictly trust the instructions which will give you the right keys to maintain your machine, surely with specialized pellets. In addition, all the bins (grounds, pourer, etc.) should be emptied and cleaned at least once a week with clean water and washing-up liquid in order to avoid deposits and mold. The brew group is usually cleaned every kilogram of coffee. And for machines equipped with it, remember to clean the milk system with a specialized maintenance product for the milk circuits

For capsule machines, it is generally sufficient to use the specific tablets to be placed in the water tank, and to run until exhaustion and repeat the operation until the deposits disappear. We finish by pouring 2 cycles of clear water to remove the product from the ducts. As with the grinder machine, the removable containers are cleaned at least once a week with clean water and washing up liquid, to remove deposits and prevent mold. Discover our complete maintenance kit

For filter coffee makers, this time you can descale using vinegar water. They are less sensitive than capsule or crusher machines.