How to choose your Green Coffee Monaco coffee: Blend or pure origin coffee?
The world of coffee is made up of more than 800 different aromas. There are two types of coffee beans: Blend or Blend and Pure Origin.

The world of coffee is made up of more than 800 different aromas. There are two types of coffee beans: Blend and Pure Origin. Pure origin coffee comes from a single geographic area. A Blend consists of assembling several coffees of different origins. Although for years the Blend has satisfied our taste buds, Pure Origin coffee is now a resounding success. There is increasing interest in the quality, provenance of coffee and purchasing from producers.

Blends: harmonious and unique experience

The Blend is the blend of different coffees that provides an ideal and delicious composition. The Master Roaster can combine up to 8 to 10 varieties of coffee to create a harmonious and flavorful balance. He assembles varied aromas like an oenologist who chooses the best grape varieties to shape a Grand Cru. A blend can be invented by balancing the strengths of Robusta coffee and Arabica coffee in order to combine the power, intensity and caffeine intake of the first with the sweetness and refinement of the second. This fabulous combination allows for an elegant coffee rich in aromas. For example, a blend of coffee beans composed of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta, will constitute a balanced coffee with flavors that will be marked by the origin of Arabica coffee. Please read this article if you want more information on Robusta and Arabica. The complexity and the secret recipe of a mixture will surprise and revive your taste buds during this unprecedented discovery. Careful blending offers an extraordinary taste experience.

Pure origin Coffee: an authentic and assumed discovery

Authentic Pure Origin represents a destination and its expertise in the production and roasting of coffee. Several characteristic elements of the terroir will make it possible to develop a unique coffee, its origin, the richness of the soils, the temperature, the harvesting methods, the know-how of the producer. The combination of these criteria will create an exceptional beverage and symbolize a specific location. Each Pure Origin coffee is unique and faithfully represents a region of the world such as Guatemala, explore our bean coffees from Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil. Pure origin coffee has a marked flavor, is composed of unique aromas that will make you travel with each sip. Discover our Pure Origin coffees which will transport you to remarkable countries. This type of coffee is not only reserved for the uninitiated, contrary to popular belief. It is intended for every coffee lover looking for a unique and surprising experience.

How to choose your coffee?

Both “Blends” and “Pure Origin” coffees have undeniable advantages. If you want to live a complex and mysterious experience, adopt a Blend composed with flavors that appeal to you. Favor a unique Arabica Robusta blend (LUNGO, RISTRETTO, CREMOSO, DECAFEINE ranges) if you like to be surprised by different aromas with each cup of coffee. Prefer a raw or 100% Arabica pure origin coffee (COLOMBIA, GUATEMALA, BRAZIL, MOKA ranges) if you want to be out of town and like authenticity. Choose a coffee that matches your preferences. Fruity, floral, creamy, intense, tangy or sweet, there is something for everyone. The Moka from Green Coffee Monaco will offer you floral and fruity notes. Opt for a Cremoso if you like smoothness and refinement with touches of cereal and a generous mousse. Choose an Espresso Ristretto if you prefer an intense, powerful and authentic caffeinated experience. If your heart is wavering, why not opt ​​for a tasting of our “flavor pack” to vary the pleasures?