How to become a coffee Lover
All the benefits of the coffee on our health

Consumed in moderation, coffee has many health benefits and promotes our well-being. It helps prevent certain diseases such as liver cancer and cardiovascular disease thanks to its antioxidant properties (polyphenols). It also relieves migraines. It is used to improve concentration, memory and attention.

Choose a variety of coffee that works for you.

Taste different types of coffee to choose a coffee that suits your tastes. Depending on your preferences, choose a variety of coffee that suits you. Try the two most popular coffees: Robusta and Arabica. Some coffees are sweeter than others.


Choose a premium quality coffee

A selection of the best organic coffee beans

You may not like coffee because you tested a variety of coffee that did not match your taste. The selection of a coffee classified "Grand Cru", resulting from Organic Farming, guarantees real quality of your beans. Grand Cru coffee is produced on the best terroirs in the world, grows in a natural environment, on rich and fertile soil. It is also a coffee with full traceability: its geographical terroir has a confirmed reputation. A coffee with a rich and deep taste. 

Avoid industrial roasting: Burnt coffees

This type of roasting, known as "flash" allows you to cook several hundred kg of coffee in just ten minutes (thanks to powerful machines). The coffee does not stop rotating in a drum maintained with forced air at 800 ° C, before being cooled by stirring air. This method concerns coffees intended for mass distribution and cannot be applied to too delicate grands crus. The aromatic development of slow cooking does not This method does not respect the aromas, the coffee beans being burnt.

Choose an artisanal roasted coffee (not industrial)

In order to bring the last exceptional touches of coffee, it is necessary to respect an artisanal and ancestral roasting, we will then speak of cooking between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the density of the coffee bean (identifiable according to the terroir). The cooking is done in a manual roaster in order to develop all the aromas of the coffee beans. A thigh which does not burn the grains, but which cooks them gently in order to develop all the subtle and delicate aromas. This will offer you a unique taste experience.

Select an organic coffee

Opt for ORGANIC coffees, from Organic Farming, guaranteed without the addition of colorings, additives, or flavor enhancers in order to capture extraordinary and authentic flavors. Favor a coffee that relates to a unique and qualitative know-how, which encourages a responsible, ethical and fair culture. 

The roasting that matches your taste


Roasting is the ultimate step in developing all the aromas and flavors of your coffee. Choosing a "roasting profile" is therefore essential to select the coffee that suits you.


Here are the 3 main roasting profiles as well as the aromatic notes that refer to them:

Blond roasting (about 10 minutes of roasting): You will obtain a more acidic coffee, generally less full-bodied. This sweet and balanced coffee offers fruity, floral, gourmet or spicy notes.

Brown roasting (about 15mn of roasting): It offers a tangy taste with aromas which often tend towards the fruit. This balanced coffee is characterized by a nice roundness and a developed sweetness.

Dark roasting (about 25mn of roasting): The taste is more bitter. This full-bodied coffee has lightly toasted notes.

Choose the most suitable roast when you enjoy your coffee. For example, lightly roasted coffee (blond roast) will be tart and will work well for breakfast.

Some tips to help you enjoy coffee:

To learn to like coffee, it is also possible to start with drinks that do not contain only coffee. This will make it easier for you to appreciate the aromas as the taste will not be totally new. To do this, you have many recipes with coffee. Between cappuccino, macchiato, flat white or espresso con panna, you will not run out of different recipes.

Better drink your coffee with milk, sugar, agave syrup or cream

Add milk and sugar to your coffee. Your coffee will be sweeter than if you drank it black or strong.

Add milk, sugar and agave syrup to your beverage according to your preferences.

Add only milk, sugar, or combine all of these different elements.

You can also create a latte or cappuccino with milk froth, cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla sugar or the like.

Sour coffee like Arabica is nice with milk or cream because it dampens the acidity while retaining the coffee delicacy.

Why don't you cook with coffee

Why should you not prepare delicious baking recipes with coffee to get your palate used to it? Its flavor will be counterbalanced with the sugar of the dessert as in a tiramisu.

Also prepare tasty coffee-based drinks: Latte, Cappuccino or Mocha (caffeinated drink made from espresso, milk and chocolate) are recipes that you can easily make at home for a moment of privileged sweetness.

Enjoy your coffee .. in a Well-being infusion!

Forget everything you know about coffee and enjoy our delicious green coffee and fruit infusions. Unique and gourmet recipes 100% natural. We offer a range of 8 infusions with various flavors: Red fruits, Lemon Ginger, Apple cinnamon, Apple Caramel, Passion fruits, Licorice mint, Strawberry Vanilla, Chocolate


café glacé

Discover the recipe for our iced latte in just 5 steps. This is a very simple and quick seasonal recipe to make (worthy of the greatest coffee shops)!

A deliciously refreshing drink


  1. Pour an espresso into a 20 cl cappuccino cup (Type RISTRETTO OR CREMOSO).
  2. Mix 60cl of milk and 15/20 ice cubes (depending on the size) in your Blender
  3. Add 2 spoons of organic caramel or vanilla syrup as well as your espresso
  4. Blend for 50 seconds at speed 1
  5. Pour your preparation into a cup

The most greedy can cover their drink with whipped cream